NEW!! In-vehicle WiFi

From September 2018 we'll be launching in-vehicle WiFi in all of our new 2018-built Premium SAM 6-berths, Premium 4-berths, and Premium GEMs, subject to vehicle availability.

Powered by Vodafone's 4G mobile network, with over 95% coverage of all areas across New Zealand where Kiwis live, work & play, you'll be able to keep up-to-date with emails, surf the internet, or stream movies quickly and easily.

When booking your Pacific Horizon motorhome, be sure to ask for a 2018-built, WiFi-enabled vehicle.  And then choose what WiFi bundle you want for a starter:

  • 1GB  for  $35
  • 5GB  for  $65
  • 10GB  for  $120

You'll never run out of data while on-hire.

You'll receive a warning message when you've used 85% of your bundle - and then you can choose to top-up with any further bundle as you go, at the same above prices.  Payment is made simply by using your credit card, while you're travelling - it's that easy.
And it's all optional for you to top-up, so we won't automatically bill you for data you don't really need.  You simply top-up with the bundle size that best suits you.

How many devices can connect simultaneously?

Up to five (5) devices can connect to the WiFi simultaneously. So mum, dad and the kids can all access the in-vehicle WiFi at the same time.  We don't want to limit the fun you can have while on holiday!

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