With Okay2stay membership you gain access to 
over 100 places where you can buy great food &
wine - then stay for free. It's a WIN/WINConnect.  Meet with local artisan and gourmet pro

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Enjoy a unique New Zealand taste and travel experience, with access to over 100 places throughout New Zealand where you can buy great food & wine - then stay for FREE !!

If you want to meet local people, have a sense of adventure, and are passionate about local food and other products, then Okay2Stay is for you.  Okay2Stay is a membership-based service that provides its members with online information about great locations to stay in New Zealand, specially designed for holidaymakers travelling by self-contained motorhome or campervan.

The locations where members can stay are called 'hosts', and these are mostly small gourmet producers such as wineries, olive groves, farmstays, orchards etc.  The hosts welcome one or two self-contained motorhomes onto their property for a single night - free of charge.

  • CONNECT    -    Get off the tourist trail & avoid the crowds.  Connect with local artisan and gourmet producers.  Meet real Kiwis.
  • STAY    -    Free overnight parking for your self-contained motorhome, in a safe and secure surrounding (One night only).
  • EXPERIENCE    -    Taste fresh, locally grown produce, purchase food & wine, and visit less well-known sights and experiences.


To sign up as an Okay2Stay member, or to see a detailed map of where all of the Okay2Stay hosts are located, check out the Okay2Stay website.

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