The Campable app gives you access to unique campervan sites all over the country,
allowing motorhome travellers to stay on locals' private property. 


Forget the tourist experience - this is the local, adventurous, salt of the earth experience.

All you need to do is download the FREE Campable app, that is available on iPhone (iOS version 8.2 or newer) and Android (version 4.1 or newer).

  • STAY ON PRIVATE PROPERTY  -  Access unique, private motorhome sites and stay on locals’ land.

  • UNIQUE AND LUXURY SITES  -  Stay at vineyards, working farms, private clubs, resorts and beside the water.

  • TRUSTED HOSTS  -  Relax knowing that your Hosts are secure and trusted. No uncertain freedom camping.

  • BOOK WITH EASE  -  Organise and book your motorhome adventure with ease on the Campable app.

View the Campable youtube clip from One News, visit to download the app, or read more on the following .pdf flyer.

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