DOC Campsites

The Department of Conservation (DOC) manages over 200 vehicle-accessible campsites throughout New Zealand, located at some stunning settings within forests, on lakeshores, in parklands or beside sandy beaches.

All Pacific Horizon motorhomes are suitable for short-stay camping at DOC campsites – they all feature appliances and heating that will work regardless of whether you are plugged in to mains power or not, as well as ample water storage.


DOC campsites offer limited amenities and incur a small fee per adult/child to stay overnight, based on the type of campsite and the facilities available.

  • Basic campsite   (No charge)
    Basic campsites have very limited facilities so you need to be fully self-sufficient. There are basic toilets and water may be from a tank, stream or lake.

  • Backcountry campsite   (Prices vary)
    Backcountry campsites have toilets and a water supply which may be from a stream. Picnic tables, cooking shelters or fireplaces may be provided.

  • Standard campsite   ($8 per Adult per night  /  $4 per Child per night)
    Standard campsites have toilets, water supply (tap, stream, or lake) and vehicle or boat access. Wood BBQs and fireplaces, cold showers, picnic tables, a cooking shelter and rubbish bins may be provided.

  • Scenic campsite   ($13-$16 per Adult per night  /  $6.50-$8 per Child per night)
    Scenic campsites have the same facilities as the Standard campsites, but are located in more scenic & more highly popular locations.

  • Serviced campsite   ($18-$21 per Adult per night  /  $9-$10.50 per Child per night)
    Serviced campsites offer flush toilets, tap water, kitchen/cooking bench, hot showers, rubbish collection and road access for all types of vehicles. They may have laundry facilities, barbecues, fireplaces, cookers and picnic tables.

For more information about DOC Campsites including both a nationwide and/or regional maps of where they are all located visit the DOC website.


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